Get Fit at Home with the MERACH Magnetic Rowing Machine


The MERACH Rowing Machine is a magnetic rower machine designed for home use. With 16 levels of quiet resistance and a dual slide rail, this rowing machine offers a challenging and stable workout experience. It is also app-compatible, allowing you to track your workout data and access various free courses and programmed exercises. Priced at $263.99, this rowing machine has received a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,240 reviews.

As a novice when it comes to rowing machines, I was initially hesitant to purchase the MERACH Rowing Machine due to its affordable price. However, I decided to take a chance, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The assembly process was quick and easy, and the rowing machine is light enough to be moved around on its wheels if necessary.

During my workouts, I found the rowing machine to be smooth, quiet, and sturdy. While it may not be suitable for experienced rowers, it provides me with an excellent workout every time I use it. The magnetic flywheel system ensures minimal noise, allowing me to exercise without worrying about disturbing other family members. The dual slide rail design adds stability and prevents any flipping over while rowing. With a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, this rowing machine caters to a wide range of users, making it easier for everyone to achieve their fitness goals.

The MERACH Rowing Machine is also app-compatible, which has greatly enhanced my workout experience. Through the app, I can conveniently measure and track my rowing workout data, such as distance, time, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and cadence. It’s motivating to see my achievements recorded and to have access to various free courses and programmed exercises. Additionally, the rowing machine is compatible with the KINOMAP app, allowing me to immerse myself in virtual rowing experiences and feel connected to nature even while exercising at home.

App Compatibility and Visualized Workout Data

One key aspect of the MERACH rowing machine is its app compatibility. With the exclusive MERACH App, users have access to various free courses and programmed exercises. Additionally, the rower is compatible with the KINOMAP App, allowing users to immerse themselves in virtual environments and experience the feeling of rowing in nature, even while working out at home.Moreover, the app provides users with visualized workout data. Users can conveniently measure and track their rowing workout data, including distance, time, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and cadence. This feature allows users to monitor their progress and achievements, providing motivation and a sense of accomplishment.

Quiet and Smooth Operation

The MERACH rowing machine is designed to provide a quiet and smooth rowing experience. Featuring a customized smooth and quiet magnetic flywheel system, the rower ensures minimal noise during workouts. This is particularly beneficial for users who want to exercise without disturbing other family members or roommates.In addition to the quiet operation, the rower also boasts a dual slide rail design, inspired by wood rowing machines. This design not only enhances stability but also prevents the rower from flipping over during intense rowing sessions. With a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, the rower accommodates a wide range of users, allowing them to work towards their fitness goals with confidence.

Easy Assembly and Space-Saving Design

The MERACH rowing machine is designed for easy assembly, with most users able to complete the process within 30 minutes. The rower comes partially pre-assembled, making it convenient for users to set up and start their workouts quickly. This feature eliminates the hassle of complicated assembly instructions and ensures a smooth user experience.Furthermore, the rowing machine is equipped with a built-in base wheel, making it easy to move around without assistance. This feature is especially useful for users who have limited space at home or prefer to store the rower in a different location after each use. The recommended exercise and storage space for the rower is 1.6*5.7 feet and 1.6*2.1 feet, respectively, making it a space-saving fitness solution.

Quality and Durability

The MERACH rowing machine is praised by users for its solid and sturdy construction. Despite its affordable price, the rower offers high-quality materials and components that contribute to its durability and longevity. Users have reported that the rower remains stable and does not wobble or squeak, even with regular use.The seat of the rowing machine is designed for comfort, providing a smooth and comfortable rowing motion. Users have found the seat to be supportive and suitable for longer workout sessions. Additionally, the rowing machine’s motion is described as smooth, allowing for a natural rowing experience that mimics the feeling of rowing on water.

Customer Service and Warranty

MERACH is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support. Users who purchase the MERACH rowing machine will receive a white “Quiet Rowing Machine” along with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. In the event of any quality issues that are the responsibility of MERACH, users can contact the company for assistance and resolution.As a company focused on fitness equipment, MERACH strives to continually improve and provide products that align with the evolving needs of users. The commitment to customer satisfaction and product innovation sets MERACH apart in the market, giving users confidence in their purchase and long-term satisfaction with the rowing machine.

User Reviews

The MERACH rowing machine has received positive feedback from users who have purchased and used the product. Many users appreciate the rower’s solid and sturdy construction, noting that it provides a smooth and quiet workout experience. The ease of assembly and mobility of the rowing machine are also praised by users, as it allows for convenient use and storage.Furthermore, users have found the app compatibility and visualized workout data to be valuable features of the rowing machine. Being able to track progress and achievements through the app adds motivation and accountability to their workouts. Overall, users express satisfaction with the quality, performance, and value that the MERACH rowing machine offers.


In conclusion, the MERACH rowing machine offers a range of features and benefits that make it an attractive option for home workouts. With app compatibility, visualized workout data, quiet operation, easy assembly, and space-saving design, the rowing machine provides convenience and versatility. Coupled with its quality construction, durability, and excellent customer service, the MERACH rowing machine proves to be a reliable and effective fitness equipment choice for users of all fitness levels.


  • The MERACH rowing machine comes with a free app that offers various courses and programmed exercises, allowing you to have a wide range of workout options.
  • The rowing machine provides visualized workout data, allowing you to conveniently measure and track your progress in distance, time, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and more.
  • The rowing machine is designed with a dual slide rail system, providing stability and preventing flip-over during your rowing sessions. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, accommodating a wide range of users.


  • The display on the rowing machine is not the greatest, but you can download the MERACH app for a better visual experience and to access additional features.
  • Some users found the seat to be slightly uncomfortable after extended use, although it is still manageable for 30-minute sessions.
  • The foot plates may not allow for a tight cinch down for those with small feet. However, this can be easily resolved by replacing the stock Velcro straps.


    In conclusion, the MERACH Rowing Machine has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, performance, and affordability. It provides a smooth and quiet workout, ensuring minimal disturbance to others. The app compatibility adds an extra layer of convenience and motivation to my workouts. With its easy assembly process, portability, and sturdy design, this rowing machine is a great investment for anyone looking to incorporate rowing into their home fitness routine. I highly recommend the MERACH Rowing Machine to anyone seeking a reliable and effective exercise equipment.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Does the rowing machine come with a warranty?

    Answer: Yes, the MERACH rowing machine comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If there are any quality issues, you can contact the customer service for assistance.

    Question: Is the rowing machine easy to assemble?

    Answer: Yes, most users can easily assemble the rowing machine within 30 minutes. It is partially pre-assembled and comes with clear instructions.

    Question: Can the rowing machine be easily moved and stored?

    Answer: Yes, the rowing machine has built-in base wheels, making it easy to move without assistance. It also has a space-saving design, recommended for use in a 1.6*5.7 feet area and storage in a 1.6*2.1 feet space.

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