Stylish Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses Review


The NOVIVON 5 Pack Reading Glasses for Men offers a stylish and functional solution to eye strain during screen time. With its unique design and blue light blocking technology, these glasses aim to provide comfort and clarity for daily use.

As someone who spends significant hours in front of screens, I found the NOVIVON reading glasses to be a game-changer. The multiple color options and durable frames made it easy for me to have a pair handy wherever I went. The lenses were crystal clear, and the blue light blocking feature noticeably reduced eye strain during long work sessions. The comfortable fit and sturdy build quality exceeded my expectations, making these glasses a favorite in my collection.

Multipack Convenience

The NOVIVON 5 Pack Reading Glasses for Men offers the convenience of having multiple pairs of stylish glasses for various locations. With five sets in different colors, you can keep a pair in your car, living room, nightstand, and other places where you enjoy reading. The fashionable half-frame design with crystal clear lenses and blue light blocking features make these glasses both practical and stylish. The spring hinges ensure a comfortable fit for long periods of wear.

Quality and Comfort

Users praise the high-quality lenses and frames of the NOVIVON reading glasses. The clear and scratch-resistant lenses provide a sharp and distortion-free vision, while the sturdy metal frames ensure durability and comfort. The comfortable silicone nose pads and lightweight design make these glasses ideal for extended wear. Additionally, the package includes cases for each pair, a lens cleaner cloth, and lanyards for added convenience.

Value and Style

Customers appreciate the value and style offered by the NOVIVON reading glasses. The affordable price point, coupled with the inclusion of five pairs in different colors, makes this product a great bargain. The metal finish gives the glasses an expensive look, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting use. With positive reviews highlighting the quality optics and comfortable fit, these glasses are recommended for those seeking both style and functionality in their eyewear.


  • The NOVIVON 5 Pack Reading Glasses for Men come in a convenient pack of 5, allowing you to have glasses in multiple locations for easy access.
  • These glasses feature stylish half-frame designs with crystal clear lenses that block harmful blue light, reducing eye strain when reading from screens.
  • The comfortable spring hinges and high-quality materials make these glasses durable and suitable for long-term wear without discomfort.


  • Some customers have mentioned that the included cases for the glasses are not the most durable and could be of higher quality.
  • There have been reports of the lenses turning yellow over time, which could affect the clarity of vision and overall appearance of the glasses.
  • While the glasses offer good value for the price, some users have noted that they may be a bit challenging to keep clean compared to other brands.


    In conclusion, the NOVIVON 5 Pack Reading Glasses for Men exceeded my expectations in terms of design, functionality, and comfort. The variety of colors, clear lenses, and blue light blocking technology make these glasses a standout choice for anyone looking to protect their eyes during screen time. With a reasonable price point and high customer satisfaction, I highly recommend these reading glasses for their quality and performance.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are the NOVIVON 5 Pack Reading Glasses for Men suitable for daily wear?

    Answer: Yes, these glasses are designed for daily wear with their comfortable fit and durable construction.

    Question: How effective are the blue light-blocking features of these glasses?

    Answer: The blue light-blocking lenses help reduce eye strain when reading from screens, providing a more comfortable viewing experience.

    Question: Can these glasses be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort?

    Answer: Many users have reported that the NOVIVON glasses are comfortable for long-term wear, thanks to the lightweight materials and flexible hinges.

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